Signs Which Tell You Need A Career Change

Can you explain the difference between career and job? Switching from one organization to another in the same field is a job change, whereas, moving from one domain to other is a career change. For instance, a software engineer changing ABC company to XYZ is a job change, but if he/she takes journalism to engineering, then it is a career change.

People need a career change, because either they start developing antipathy towards their job, or they have different plans in their mind. But, is it possible to transform completely from one career to another? Well, it is not impossible, but difficult as it involves serious repercussions. Moreover, you cannot guarantee stability and work comfort in a new career. But, how to recognize the signs that will tell you need a career change?

Career Change

When You Think You Have Gain Enough Experience in a Particular Sector

It's already been 10 years of working as a tutor in a school. Then, suddenly you start experiencing a feeling of contentment. You start saying to yourself that “I've done enough in this field.” Whatever was there to learn and impart, I have done it diligently and honestly. Besides being contended, you may also long for a change in your career because of boredom. After all, going to the same place and doing the same work for years is so mundane. So when you are contended and bored about your profession, that is the indication that now you need a change.

When There is Drop in Strength and Stamina

You need to be physically strong if you are a construction worker or a mechanical engineer. You have to visit different places often, stand continuously for the whole day, and need to handle heavy equipment at the work-site. But, as you grow old, you start losing capacity to handle this kind of work. You don't have the same kind of strength and power and that affects your productivity. So when age restricts you to do what you are skilled are, it's better to change your career.

When You Think You Can Take Over Family Business

There are some people who take jobs despite having a family business. They do so because they want to create their own identify. Take an example of Donald Trump. Trump's father was in a construction business, and one day they refused Donald's request of taking over his business because he was immature and inexperienced at that time. So, Donald borrowed one million dollar from his father and started working in a construction company to gain experience in that field. After a few years, based upon his experience, he successfully established own construction business and also took over his father's business. Therefore, once you feel qualified, you can switch a career to take over family business.

When You Have a Different Dream

We all have goals in our lives. But there are only a few who achieve it. They put all their efforts towards that goals and finally become successful. Others, who are far away from their dreams, keep procrastinating thinking that one day they will somehow fulfill their dream. Luckily, at one point in their lives, they see a ray of hope. For example, you want to become a wildlife photographer by the age of 30 and are doing a job to raise funds so that you can buy a high-end camera and accessories for a photography career. Then one fine day, you see an advertisement inviting photographs from budding photographers. When such opportunity comes in your way, you mustn't let it go and switch your career.

When There is No Scope for Career in the Future

There is no use sticking to a career that has become stagnant. If you are not progressing either mentally, financially, and emotionally, it's time take to the plunge and switch your career. Before doing so, analyze where the career you have taken is leading you. Try to research all the possibilities and limitations, and take a wise decision.

To change a career is a big decision because you must be versatile to accept the challenges entailed in the new field. It is necessary to do some self-assessment of your skills before changing a career. Taking efforts to know whether you will fit in the new work environment, and how long you can sustain it, is necessary before changing your career.

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