How to Identify Transferable Skills for Career Change

Transferable skills are those soft skills which one has got to learn in his current organization and would be beneficial for his next job. They include communication skills, how to deal with people, problem solving, leadership and many more. When you decide to switch your job, you need to recognize your transferable skills, and highlight them in your resume or when attending the interview.
Transferable skills for Career Change
Identity Your Transferable Skills

How to identify your transferable skills

  • Evaluate what skills you require
When you decide for a career change, go through the job profiles of the new occupation. Find out the requirements of the employer? What educational background and skills do they look in the candidate who applies for the job? Go through the blogs which will guide you throughout what additional qualities you would require for the job position.
  • Evaluate what you skills you possess currently
After evaluating what skills you require, find out what skills you possess. It's not necessary that you should possess all the skills, which are required. Evaluate your complete work experience and jot down the points, which include transferable skills. The list should have your everyday responsibilities, allotted projects to you, and different tasks you accomplished in your previous organization. Then segregate and find out what all skills were needed for completing these duties. After that you can just judge yourself by the skills you possess and the skills the future company requires. The skills which are required that already possess them are the transferable skills of yours.

Where can you find transferable skills

  • Job opening advertisements
On the job portals, you can search for jobs and check, whether you have any matching transferable skills. It is not necessary that you should have all of them, but find out of few of them, which would be relevant to your job which you are applying for.
  • Online tools
There are plenty of online tools on which you can search for transferable skills, which are required for a certain job position. So check whether the skills you possess match with the skills required for the job.
  • Networking in the industry
You can discuss with the people who are working within the field which you wish to work. One can also go through the employer website, attend various industry events, read trade blogs, which would give you a brief of what skills are needed and suitable for a certain job.

How can one utilize his or her transferable skills

You can analyze your transferable skills and mention them in your cover letter or resume. While attending the interview, you need to elaborate your transferable skills with certain examples of how these skills were utilized. The employers believe in the previous experiences in which you explain how you used those skills rather than just general talks. It is suggested by career advisers that one should use “skills resume” or “ functional resume” when they are depending on their transferable skills instead of experience relevant to the new job.

Display your transferable skills

Be confident and make them believe that you are suitable for the career change. This will only take place if you are successful at displaying your transferable skills. Mentioning them in your resume is beneficial as the employer can just go through the keywords of the transferable skills. You can mention your transferable skills as the key skills in the resume.

So while you are giving a thought for a career change, it is very essential to identify your transferable skills suitable for the career you wish to choose. Transferable skills commonly known as the key skills play an important role in the resume of a candidate.

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