How to Write Career Change Cover Letter?

When you are planning to transition to a new career, you have to draft a cover letter. The purpose of this cover letter is to demonstrate how your transferable skills can go with the new profession. However, convincing an employer to hire you, especially when you are shifting a profession is not easy. You have to take a different approach and perspective to draft it.

Your only aim when drafting a career change cover letter should be to convince the would-be employer to hire you. This crucial document gives an apt explanation to the recruiter regarding points such as why you have opted for a career change. Along with the relevant resume, cover letter also highlights your transferable skills that make you suitable for the position. These points may not be reflected in your resume, and hence, your cover letter must be written with utmost care.

Cover Letter for Career Change
Cover Letter
Following points must be taken into consideration while writing a cover letter for career change:

#01. Opening Paragraph 

Address the career change cover letter to a specific person 

The cover letter must be addressed to the concerned person in a formal manner. Starting the letter by addressing it to a  specific person increases your chances of being noticed by the recruiter. Personalizing the letter can be an effective way to start your document. You can always get authenticate information for the same on the company's site.

Mention the job profile you are applying for 

The candidate must clearly mention the job position he/she is interested in and also give details about how he/she came to know about the job opening. Add reference of the person who gave you the information. It could be consultancy or any on-line job portal.

Sell yourself 

Since you are going through a career change, it is advisable not to mention previous work experience if they are irrelevant to the new job profile. Emphasize the transferable skills that can support you in the job. This will increase your chances of being noticed by the employer.

#02. Middle Paragraph (body)

Justify why you are changing your career to a specific field 

There will definitely be a question on why you are choosing to apply for this particular job opening. Mention your relevant desires and how your experience can assist the organization.

Give a brief description about your experience and skills pertaining to the job

You can mention your previous work if it is related to the position. Also, you can talk about abilities in completing projects within deadlines and your strong network that may be helpful to the organization.

Assist the employer in visualizing why you are the best candidate for the position 

You can include points regarding your background, experience and skills that will be useful in growing the business of the organization. Emphasize on how your experience can be effective in bringing positive outcomes and better results for the firm.

#03. Closing Paragraph

Thank the concerned person 

At the end of your cover letter, do not forget to thank the recruiter for taking out time to read your application and reviewing your resume.

Actuate the next move of the employer 

Take steps to initiate further steps from the hiring manager by adding proactive sentences. Mention you are open to any other questions and are willing to hold additional discussions for the same.

Sign off in a formal style 

Last but not the least, mention your full name, contact details, specifically your phone number and email id where the recruiter can get in touch with you.

Every individual has different reasons for a career change. It can be the changing market conditions, the individual's urge to grow more dynamically or any other personal reasons. To make the potential employer take interest in you, it is essential that you write an appropriate cover letter. It will help in conveying relevant credentials, your transferable skills and how passionate you are about your new career.


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